Monday, February 27, 2012


I was talking with my mom a couple of days ago and it went like this:

Is everything OK?  My sister and I have been eerily surprised for 30 years at our mom's uncanny ability to suss out anything amiss in our lives and with me, it is at a distance of 2000 miles.

I'm fine, just busy.

You haven't been blogging in a month.

Has it been that long?

Yes, you wrote about the Science Museum.

I go on to reassure my mom that everything is alright, and for the most part, it is.  The thing is about moms....they notice when you stop blogging and they wonder why.  My mom has always been my biggest fan.  I can remember early attempts at poetry, piano playing, bassoon playing (my teacher breastfeed her little one and still played an uncanny Bach) running for student council, marching in the band, running on the track, and the biggest adventure of all.....leaving Texas.  Each step of the way, my mom not only told me that I could do it but that I was the best one to have ever done it.  Heady stuff which inoculated me against more than I ever realized.  I picked up and moved across the country, not knowing a soul, because my parents believed that I could do that and did not try to stop me.  I was 23 years old.  I landed where I was supposed to be because my mother had the courage to let me go.  I'm not sure I will be strong enough to do the same when it is Emma and Luke's turn but I will try.

So, mom, thanks for noticing when I take a break.  It does mean that I'm out of balance but with a little help from my friends, I return to true.

I love you!