Sunday, May 12, 2013

A poem for Mother's Day by A.E. Stallings


The finery of childhood--let them wear
It every day, in rain or shine. Don't lose
Your temper over patent leather shoes
Mud-puddle deep, or fret over Easter frocks,
Hand-smocked, that meet with chocolate or paint,
Let Sunday- best be mussed, new trousers tear,
Elbows of pure wool cardigans be rent
Let silken ribbons stray, mismatch lace socks,
Let grape juice stain. For Someday comes to call
And finds the garment now too tight, too small,
Outmoded, out of season, itchy, quaint,
Stored up in lavender and mothballs. Let
Joy sport it's raiment while still bright and loose,
Let what cannot be saved or spared be spent.
It's fitting: what is theirs is not your own,
The finery they did not spoil with use
That lies in drawers, unblemished and outgrown.
A.E. Stallings

Friday, May 3, 2013

Kindness Cowgirls

I don't post much about work because I shouldn't.  I work with wonderful kids, staff, and families but they certainly do not want their comings and goings posted and analyzed by me.  Still, today felt special and I know my partner won't mind if I post a picture from our Kindness Karnival.....I know, I know...we did the fake letter match thing:

(She is 9 months pregnant, by the way, and looks phenomenal).

Some of the kids we work with wanted to find a creative way to combat bullying and affirm the values of kindness and compassion we all need to hang onto.  Especially after the acts of violence that ripped through our state.

So, we held a Kindness Karnival today.  We laughed, and raced ducks, and walked the track for those neighbors who are struggling to get back on their feet in rehab right down the road.

It felt good to be a kindness cowgirl today.  Really good.