Thursday, November 13, 2014


What has happened to my writing? New job, 13 year old son training to make the national team, six days of soccer, and big changes at church.

Still, isn't it interesting what we let go of and what we hang onto for dear life? I am happiest when I am reading/writing/creating and I've done very little of that during the last three months. Periods of disequilibrium are OK if they lead to a
renewed commitment to things that are vital. I hope that is what is happening as I emerge from a time of upheaval and change.

Years ago, I attended a week-end yoga retreat at Kripalu. I bought a deck of reflection cards that I have used ever since. Today, I drew a card that told me to trust my process, however chaotic. As I am trying to teach my students to trust their intuition, I will remind myself to do the same.

I may even pull out my knitting needles, blow off the dust, and get the newest member of the family properly shod;)

May we all slow it down, just enough to be in it.

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