Thursday, September 17, 2009

Mass General Marathon

Wednesday's marathon day at Mass General was not filled with good news so I'm going to gloss over the sticky bits: new vein problem (May-Thurner Syndrome) =new vein specialist; complicated neurological findings=new vascular an aside, when asked to complete a floor plan of my house and left out all doors, windows and connecting hallways, the neurologist was at a loss for words. I am a broad strokes kind of gal. The hematologist who I disparaged in a previous post and then deleted the post was my favorite. I think he is Russian but he reminds me of what studying under a Viennese psychoanalyst must have been like for analysands...scary but a significant pay-off in the end. There are lessons to be learned here, I'm sure of it. Mostly, you just have to keep at it. When the neurologist you have been referred to doesn't have an appointment until November, you have to call his office every week and see if there have been any cancellations. You absolutely have to be on your best behavior with the secretaries, they run the show. You have to push your human-ness so the docs can see past the research and begin to get some sense of who you are...very much part of treatment I think.

Significant moment: While a young man was drawing my blood, he was showing me what went amiss at the recent lethal injection in the Midwest...the one that took two hours. He was quite passionate that he would not have made the same mistake. I was torn between applauding his acumen and judging his eagerness to show off his skills at care taking by taking part in an execution. Such is the complexity of the human spirit.

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  1. I don't think I would include windows and doors in a floorplan either. I mean it's a "floor" plan not a wall space plan, right?