Saturday, December 10, 2011

Sadly, there is now wax in the hummus

So, we are in the Tsunami party season.  We kicked it off last week-end with a rollerskating party for 18 eight year olds and I consider it a personal success story that we only needed one icepack.  I consider it a personal failure, after my years of skate ranch experience in Lubbock, Texas, that I could not out skate aforementioned eight year olds, not one of them.  Something about their starting hockey at age three gives them the hometown advantage.  After the skating birthday party, we moved into pageant practice.  This year's pageant is a morality tale focusing on the Tinsel children and featuring my son as a:

Shrub.  He nailed it in practice.  They hit their marks, yes they have marks, and they projected into the wee hours.  All of that will not make one whit of difference tomorrow morning but it gave us something to do on a Wednesday evening.  It was especially fun to keep them from running around on the seductive wooden floor as the yoga class downstairs was entering into shavasana.  Namaste from all of us.

Next in line are the yearly holiday parties:  baking cookies for the swaps, buying a brilliant gift for the Yankee for all the discerning gals at the neighborhood party and one for my husband's family party with the theme "Occupy Boston" with not one word of explanation.  Next comes the clarifying call to another we exchange Christmas gifts or just birthday gifts?  I feel the slide into the Christmas Zone.  Packages wrapped and sent off to Texas?  Pictures taken for Christmas card?  Seven relatives emailing for suggestions on gifts for the kids and telling them all the exact same thing?  Half-finished advent tree?  I am standing on familiar ground.

Today, these snippets of conversation captured it all.  I will not bother telling you that I am going to relax and enjoy the season.  The best I can offer is to try and laugh about it all once or twice:)

I'm not sure fake poo is the way to go (me)
That is way too fancy for a rugby player (my daughter)
This is my blue book, I need to write that down in my red book (my husband)
Doubles tennis, anyone? (my son)
Sadly, there is now wax in the hummus (me)

Good luck to us all.

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