Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Let it Roll

We own, in our little family, 12 helmets.  They are for skiing, climbing, biking, sledding, and sometimes trying to cut a tree off your car after an ice storm so you can get to work.

Sometimes having a helmet does not help the situation.

I spent an hour in abject terror watching my two kids and their best pal careening down a hill yesterday, dodging planters, the swing set, and each other.  I had some time to ponder the metaphysics of it all, and came up with a few things:

1.  Our kids are usually not going to get hurt when they are helmeted up.  Buy as many helmets as you can think of, and make them wear them whenever you can....the danger is in what we can't prepare for.......the tumors, for example.

2.  The higher pitched the scream, the faster you should issue forth edicts about stopping what just brought forth that scream....or let it roll and place your faith in the helmet.

3.  Be careful what you create in your offspring; fiery, fit, fearless children are going to raise a ruckus and scare the hell out of you.  Make sure you have insurance.

4.  Pull yourself and your kids out of your schedules and sled whenever there is snow.  It all melts so fast.

5.  Be in the moment with them.  They get it.  Follow their giggles and energy and let it roll.


  1. Awesome post, I especially loved the photos - brings it all back to me!

  2. I think your cars need helmets!