Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Surging Ahead

It started with the Ipad training at the beginning of the school year for all incoming 6th graders and their parents.  Parents needed to go to the training because.......our kids needed a ride.  It was a complicated scenario, with stations set up and a myriad of checklists.  It took me about 3 seconds to realize that I was just travelling through my son's brave new world and I was slowing him down:

ME: (warily eyeballing the first checklist)  OK, you need to clear.....
SON: (warily eyeballing me)  I've already done the first 5 things, you don't need to read those out loud
ME: OK, you want to make sure...
SON:  I've got it mom, can you put the list down so I can do this faster?
ME: (incredulously) You don't need me here to do this, do you?
SON (not wanting to hear birth story, again) No, but I want you here

Cut to Station # 2, and this really drills down to the essence of the computer generation vs my people:

SON:  OK, now we have a problem, it looks like my original email address is not going to work and I'm going to have to reconfigure the settings
ME: (waving my hand furiously)  We need tech support here, we have a problem!!!!!
SON:  (pushing my hand down)  Mom, let me try a few things on my own before you call in tech support.

Cut to last Wednesday when my husband surprised me with a Keurig coffee maker for our anniversary.  We had a dinner date, and left the coffee machine on the counter and the kids with our babysitter.

ME: (upon our return) Did you have a fun night?
DAUGHTER:  I love the new coffee maker, it makes great hot chocolate
ME:  Did Amy figure out how to use the machine?
DAUGHTER:  No, I goggled the directions on how to use it and figured it out myself.  It is pretty easy after the first time.

I know my kids are going to surge ahead of me, I just thought I had a bit more time.  I think we need to make a deal:  I will learn from their new, fired up neurons if they let me lend them some frontal lobe wisdom until they are 25.

It is a brave, new world.

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