Monday, July 7, 2014

Catching up

Summer is here in all her glory! It has been a time of transition for me as I leave one job and say goodbye to many dear friends but join another in a new endeavor. I am fearful that I care less about being nice as I get older but this friend knows me well and probably figures I have some other qualities that will see me through a new beginning;)

We just returned from an idyllic few days in New Hampshire where cupcakes, sand castles, and of course "the run" happened:

Tendinitis is keeping me from moving well but not keeping me grounded. It seems like there is a price to pay for many pleasures at 50....dairy causes grumbling, runs cause stiffness, and caffeine causes heart palpitations. I'm going to have to bring out the B list of vices because you have to have a few to remain trustworthy. I think what I need is a pick up. Bad for a family car, bad in the snow, and bad for the environment. That should cover me until I'm 60.

Emma and I had the great joy of going to the UU Assembly in Providence. Unitarians in a herd look like a group of easy going hippies until they see a hummer. Game on Philistines, game on.

Sister Simone Campbell give the keynote address on standing up to injustice, together and she was amazing. Walk toward Trouble. Then 5000 of us walked down to the river to participate in the water and fire ceremony. An amazing night.

Summer is the time to read and I have a few good ones on the docket. Jimmy Carter's new book on the oppression of women, a biography of Thomas Merton, and Neil Gamion's Ocean at the End of the Lane.

I hope to sink into it all like my husband the Zen master;)

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