Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Off the Grid

On this Thanksgiving Eve, as we wait for the arrival of family, make side dishes, and pick up pies from a local farm stand, I am excited about joining my husband's family for a great get together tomorrow. I am even more excited because my generous sister-in-law is hosting all 27 of us at her house.

Still, my memories wander back to the best Thanksgiving dinner I ever had. I had just finished graduate school and a trip across the country. I was working at a residential school for at-risk youth and worked a late shift on Wednesday evening. No money, no time off, and all my family in Texas.

Early, early Thursday morning, a friend and I packed a turkey sandwich, a thermos of hot chocolate, and drove up to the White Mountains. We found a trail off the Kancamagus river, covered in snow, and slowly hiked along the river. We broke for lunch and were soon joined by several happy little chickadees. It was their song that I happy they were to have two hikers appear out of nowhere and share some crumbs.

The things I long for and remember are always found outdoors. We need so much less than we think we do.

So, Happy Thanksgiving to you all and I hope you get a chance to go off the grid for at least one major holiday. You will remember it always.

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  1. I love that: "we need so much less than we think we do." So true. And such a good thing to keep in mind as I am filling shopping cart upon shopping cart with "stuff" for the holidays!