Friday, November 6, 2009

Sister, Sister

Time to brag a little bit on my sister.........and give you some idea of what it is like when your baby sister is a 5'10'' easy going redhead:) I will say for the record, though, that she is the short one.

The pictures (thanks Colleen) denote her latest work of art. She is a cowgirl artist. Note the boots. This little number was submitted to a contest that was held at the school where she teaches....a contest for the best scarecrow. Kat took the contest to the next level and created (with the help of her artist friends) this sculpture made out of wire and words. Now is the time to mention that my sister likes to win...and win she did, a new laptop.

You don't get to pick your sisters but I hit the lottery. She is beautiful, talented, an amazing mom, and someday we are going to learn to harmonize and form a sister band. We will wear red cowgirl boots and all of our lyrics will celebrate folly, which leads to wisdom. We will tour across the Southwest in a vintage trailer, nicknamed "The Scamp."
Love you sister, sister.

1 comment:

  1. AMAZING! This is the most incredible *scarecrow*
    I've ever seen. Love the word theme through out.

    And please extend your tour to New England so I can see you!!