Sunday, June 6, 2010

Jade Buddha

Sometimes, in the middle of the dust and grime of a big city, you can find something magical. Worcester, Massachusetts is sadly underrated by most folks who live outside the city. It is the second largest city in Massachusetts and can boast of several colleges, museums, and amazing restaurants. Still, it's nickname says it all "Wormtown." I did a little research on the nickname and found out that it originated in the underground music scene of the 1970/s and 80/s. It is a point of pride with many local musicians who are a bit pissed about the appropriation of the nickname by the Worcester Rugby Team whose logo features a rugby playing worm.

So that is the backdrop for last week. I was told by Reverend Judith that a very auspicious event was happening in a small temple in the heart of Worcester. A 4 ton traveling jade Buddha, representing Universal Peace was going to be displayed for several weeks. It was worth seeing.

We found our way to the temple, a beautiful place in and of itself, and joined the monks and lay people who were there for a variety of reasons. You could feel the energy of the place, of the Buddha, and of right intentions.

When my children ask me why there is still war and why grown-ups have forgotten that violence begets violence, and I am often filled with despair for their future. But then, I travel to Wormtown, see a miraculous Buddha statue and believe in the energy that surrounds it. Peace is the way and to see that manifested in 4 tons of jade, well, that can restore faith.

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