Saturday, June 12, 2010


Ok, maybe it was a gift from England's goalie (poor kid) but what a game! We had a few friends over to watch one of the beginning matches of the World Cup...England v. USA. Originally, we were going to serve food from both countries, but let's face it, porridge and bangers does not a good party make. You have to have some international energy around when you are watching a world cup game. I recommend an Irishman with a stout who can sling some understated poetry at the screen when the time comes:

"Ahh, twinkle toes helped us out, didn't he now?

Twinkle Toes did, indeed, help us out but he came out after the game and took full responsibility for his complete boffing of the play. I have always believed sports provide many teachable moments for our kids. Teaching them how to lose with grace is perhaps one of the trickiest maneuvers. Twinkle Toes aka as Robert Green showed my son, an aspiring goalie, how to cowboy up...and for that, I'm now going to refer to him by his given name:)

So, the USA underdogs managed a tie and we all managed a bloody good time. Game on!

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