Wednesday, January 12, 2011

A Found Day

Another blizzard came spiralling our way, and we all found ourselves together again.  This allowed us to take care of some basic necessities:

1.  Dismantling of Christmas--  As I was yanking ornaments off the tree and then wrapping them gingerly in 20 year old tissue paper, my daughter said "this is the saddest part of Christmas."  I gave her my take, that by dismantling Christmas, we keep it special for the brief time we get it.

2.  Time to process what happened in Arizona:  We were skiing the day 19 people were shot and 6 were killed.  I have learned my kids are vicariously traumatized by the news, so I have not had it on to tell me what to think.  When we demonize "other" be it political parties or religions or Sarah Palin, we diminish ourselves.  I'm not a big fan of her gun toting ways but I have to hang on to her humanity to hang onto my own.  Still, she needs to review what "blood libel" really means.

3.  7 baskets of dirty laundry and 3 baskets of clean.  The laundry is my third child.  She tantrums, spills all over herself and out of her baskets, and gives me the silent treatment.  I know you need attention, I know it but I am working outside the home, a lot.  Today, I am all yours.

4.  Time to take a couple of photos.  My camera likes to go outside.  I like to go outside with my camera.  We didn't last long today but I see the storm gathered on a small cherry which may be a little like an angel on a pinhead.

5.  Our main computer has a virus.  My husband spent the day attacking said virus with vigour, and keeping his philosophy about how the virus got there to himself although his eyes spoke volumes and they were not all that twinkly.  I called my back-up crew to see if blogger was down (nope) and if there was a trick to downloading photos on a laptop (nope).  Seems this sneaky little bastard of a virus is redirecting me to a fake site when I try to open my blog.  Ponder the pain of that.  And also the creativity of the virus author.

6.  Finally, I cooked some bean soup and buttermilk biscuits for a family lunch.  Cooking when there is absolutely nothing else to do except laundry brings back the joy.  Eating together with no place to be accents the joy.

Today was a found day.  The best kind.


  1. Love the picture! (and the tantruming laundry)

  2. Beautiful photo! My laundry falls all over the floor in a childlike tantrum, too. And then I want to fall down in a heap and pray for it to stop! Sadly it doesn't work.

    Happy you found a wonderful day buried under all this snow!