Sunday, May 1, 2011


I look at this picture and I can see how I get there, at least once a week.  This is their protected time and it means my time really belongs to them.  But that can lead to quite a state....roving reporter, who happens to also be a crack diagnostician, and not just because we agree most of the time pointed out that I was "heightened" based on all the evidence I had presented which included thinking our passports were not only good for an upcoming trip but would also be good if we had to flee the country.  That, my friends, is heightened.  Your emotional state is razor sharp, no matter which emotion you are leading with; you experience the world as somewhat treacherous; and your friends and family are fair game.  Since I spend some time analyzing others, I thought I would try and figure out how I became heightened this week-end and stayed there.  Somehow getting the passports triggered it.  It is hard enough being in charge of these young lives when I am on my home turf but stick us on a ship and head for another country, and I think my subconscious starts acting like an ass at the post office.  I berated Ed for taking all of our birth certificates and tried to barter with him.  Bartering works not one whit in the passport line at the post office.  Good to know.  It never helps that the more juiced I get, the more Zen-like my husband becomes.  Although admirable on a spiritual level, it is irritating as hell down here on earth.  Throw in 22 sporting events, including coaching myself and I just never came down.  Church didn't do it and running didn't do it.  Now, it is Sunday evening, and I have come to this simple conclusion:  I have always had the gift of becoming heightened and it has served me well many times.  Being a parent has allowed me to develop it into an art form.  So, embrace your crazy energy and let it be the fuel that keeps what Zorba the Greek called the "full catastrophe" going.