Friday, April 22, 2011

Notes from the green field

Glorious Spring has Sprung.  Never mind that tonight the forecast is calling for a rain/snow mix.  Today, we ran on the green grass; picked up stale chips from a previous benefactor and feed the geese; and biked as if our lives depended on it.  One of my favorite short stories is about a girl who lives on a planet where the sun only appears for one day every seven years.  She obsesses about the day the sun will appear and her cruel classmates lock her in a closet and forget about her on the day the sun arrives.  The passage where they finally remember her, after the sun has set, and unlock the closet has stayed in my mind for 30 years.

Spring in New England is a bit like the one day of sunshine.  One can't lament the fact that the trees are still bare and that snow could still drop at any moment.  When the moment comes, you have to seize it, drop everything you are doing, and run.

Conversation while recovering from our one Spring day:

Daughter:  If I do get a tattoo, it is not going to be all over my body but just on the inside of my wrist, like Anna has....

Mom:  What will it say?

Daughter:  Peace and love

Son:  If I have to get a tattoo, there is only one possibility

Mom and Daughter:  What's that?

Son:  The recycling symbol, of course

Bad Ass.

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