Friday, June 17, 2011

Humbled....A conversation with a 92 year old

Yoga took me out....again.  This time, it was the dying warrior pose.  Perhaps it is always the dying warrior pose, hard to say.  Wednesday morning, I tried to put my breakfast dishes in the sink and my back decided to shut down operations.  I had several home visits that day with elderly clients, all of whom offered me their walkers.  Here is a snippet of one conversation:

Me:  You look good today P
P:  You look awful, worse than me
Me:  It was yoga
P:  God Bless you, here is what we are going to take my walker and use it to get to your car.  Then, call me, and I will buzz the nurse who can come get it and bring it back

It strikes me that the most therapeutic thing I can probably do, that all of us can do for the elderly in our lives is to still be needed by them, and helped by them.  This week, that was surely the case.  Thanks for all the good energy!

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  1. Hi, Kayla. I just lost my comment. Great. Now I have to write it again.
    I was saying thanks for coming by my blog. I have been reading through your posts way back and I am so amazed by how you find so much meaning in the small moments of life. It's very inspiring.
    I hope you're feeling better. As meaningful and enlightening as it might sometimes be, pain tends to be a downer. I hope you're getting well.