Friday, June 24, 2011

Summer Starts

Whew!  I think we might have made it out of soccer evaluations-4th grade graduation-dance recital-quidditch blood rematch season and are sliding into summer.
As I was breathing a long sigh of relief tonight, I realized that I have not written down any of the camp dates for either of my children for the following camps:  science, dance, nature, climbing, or island magic.  How could that possibly be?  How could a competent therapist who manages several jobs and does not miss appointments, who arrives on time, and supports her friends and family decide to willfully not write down a single, solitary camp date?  This, by the way, will entail emailing several camps and trying to come up with a plausible reason why I have no idea when my child will be attending.

Do you ever watch yourself?  I feel my alter ego is a benign coach on the sideline who is starting to lose patience:  Hey, D....pull it back a are over-committing on the ball....they are going to get around you

D, you are walking a little tenderly...did you throw your back out at yoga doing "the dying warrior?"

D.....I need you with me on have to choose to let go of something......the beautiful game is being present and aware when you are with your family. 

Coach, I hear you.  I will spend the summer getting back in the game.  Right after I figure out this camp thing:)

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  1. could it be that you have just a "little" too much on your plate? Hopefully that coach is going to whip you into shape :)