Friday, September 23, 2011

Notes from the Pew

Let me start by saying "Holy Cow".  Working full-time after 10 years of doing the part-time thing is an adjustment that I completely underrated.  Kinda of like childbirth, heart surgery, and writing my thesis.  All good things that looked less complicated on paper:)

Take a look at this CSpan clip.  It is our very own Reverend Judith leading the opening prayer on Wednesday at the House of Representatives.  Then, she gets cited by Representative McGovern for doing good. 

  Reverend Judith has set the bar high by doing good all over the world but I'm going to start smaller, and just do good within spitting distance.  In fact, I may just start by not doing bad:)

I hope to get back to writing more often and staying in touch with all of you more when I swim to the surface.  Who knew I could hold my breathe underwater for 3 weeks?

Peace to you all....I miss this blogging energy!

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