Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Things are being interfered with.....

This working thing is relentless as in it happens every single day.  Things are being interfered with like writing and musing and running and creating and singing and raking and planting and dancing.  Just to name a couple.  All my buddies are telling me this thing takes time, that I will acclimate to being back in the work force full time.  But here is the thing; I acclimated pretty damn well to not working.  I got used to being sorta relaxed and most of all, being my own boss.

Here is my metaphysical quandary:  all that gold may glitter but at what cost?  We buy into this idea that we need to work hard, doing something we are passionate about and contribute to the greater good.  But sometimes, we let go of our creative selves, our balanced selves, our best selves unless we are very blessed to find a job that allows us to be those things, some of the time.  I hope my job will turn out to be is my spiritual work to make it so.

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