Friday, September 14, 2012

Long years of service

There are some things you shouldn't blog about.  Your lack of blogging, the crazy world of politics, body parts, and how messy your house is....  Don't do it.

There are times you shouldn't blog.  After fighting, drinking, fasting, or running (more than 8 miles and yeah it's been awhile but you never know).  I lay these out on the altar as a reminder cause it has been awhile (shoot, there goes one) and it's possible I'm a bit rusty. 

I do need to tell you about "senile ovaries" so we can go ahead and cross another off the list.  Every two years, my license is up for renewal in October.  That means in September, when I am usually 10 hours short, I start the big push to find topics that are meaningful and also in any way available.....usually online.  This year's big winner was "Meanings of Menopause:  Cultural Considerations".  Now, if you are asking yourself why a middle school adjustment counselor needs to delve into the cultural considerations of menopause....well, my time is approaching and I want to know what might be coming.  The course was actually pretty good but the author felt compelled to quote from a medical textbook written in 1887 to show, ostensibly, how far we have come.

Senile Ovaries

The ovaries, after long years of service, have not the ability of retiring in graceful old age, but become irritated, transmit these irritations to the brain....exhibiting themselves in extreme nervousness or in an outburst of actual insanity.

I don't know if my ovaries are going to become senile or burst into insanity but I can tell you they are already irritated.  I can sense it.  I'm also OK if they choose to not retire in graceful old age and as far as their transmitting those irritations to the brain?  Go ahead, the brain does not benefit from keeping irritations bottled up...the brain can handle a few outbursts, it has been evolving for millions of years.

So go ahead ovaries.  Do your thing, whatever that looks like.  We are not here to judge openly, like in 1887.  This is how much progress we have made:

American University professor breast-feeds sick baby in class, sparking debate - The Washington Post

Thanks to Roving Reporter for the source and let's keep talking about our ovaries and what continues to happen to them. 

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