Saturday, September 15, 2012

March of Time

We had a rousing good time at all the soccer games today.  Luke scored a goal and Emma kept a few out.  To celebrate, the kids wanted to go to Spirit of Halloween.  In the spirit of the season, this business springs up in old, abandoned stores and stays for a couple of months.  Our local SOH took up shop in the old Borders, which I'm sure had forced a local mom/pop bookstore out of operation.  Karma, complete with Zombies and plenty of sexy policelady costumes.  Can they really throw down criminals with garters on?

Luke wants to be Dr. Who.  You can't really do a quick overview of the series....a time travelling immortal doctor who regenerates and tackles metaphysical madness across the universe but it has been on the BBC since 1963.  Take a look
BBC - Doctor Who - The Ninth Doctor - Character Guide

 Emma wants to be a Zombie Bride but has nixed the short tutu and wants to wear soccer shorts. 

This is how they look on Halloween in my mind:

 When I pointed out a costume that was a wee bit frilly at SOH, Emma said "Mom, if you know me at all you know I would never wear that".  I know the princess in you my love and I know the transformer in my son...and the dragon and the pumpkin... and the devil...and Gandolf. 

I think our job as parents is to remember all those disparate identities, and to love and honor each one equally.  My hard hitting little soccer player may need a reminder that a good tiara is nothing to sneeze at.

As an aside, my husband picked up a Zombie garden gnome.  I'm not sure he has fully recovered from the infamous gnome heist.  Go ahead, take this is possible he has rigged something up:)


  1. They still look like that to me :)

  2. Such a sweet photo. And for what it's worth, Maddox wants to carry a chain saw and paint blood on his neck. What??!!? He's my baby.