Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Snow day

We are doing some good work on this found day.  New England Snow days are the most glorious thing in the world.  Growing up in Texas, I missed out.  They allow us all a chance to catch up on the important things, like animal triage:
Huggy has been operated on several times but today's situation was dire:  he needed minor surgery on his stomach, neck and ear but when we got in, we discovered that he needed a "stuffingectomy".  He seems to be holding his own, but we are quiet in the living room, to give him some peace and allow him to recover (genius mom move). 

 These are the moments we all miss...I have decreed no room cleaning, no laundry, no chores.  This is a day for sledding, fort making, a bit of knitting, and anything that touches that part of us that doesn't see the light of day.  I may paint little stars on my toenails, or read some Walt Whitman.  It does seem like a day made for poetry.

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  1. That is quite adorable, I hope the little guy makes it.