Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Right Intentions

Happy New Year to you all.  I hope your holiday break was filled with fun, family, and a little piece of peace:)  All in all, I think '12 was a pretty good year.  We lost Nana and Uncle Roy but Amy is expecting a little girl.  Emma is beyond excited as she is eagerly awaiting I'm-not-the-littlest-one-in-the-family status.

I get a little contemplative this time of year.  Probably because heading back to work feels cumbersome.  Staying home wouldn't work but writing a book or a travel column would, I think.  I also had my 49th birthday and realized I am past middle age...I'm skiing down the mountain, as it were.  Which, as a skier, you know that is where one always get injured.  The light is flat and your legs give out.  So be it, you still keep skiing.

Here are some things I'm going to do/not do this year:

1.  I'm going to stop listening to idiots.....FoxNews, you are out (have been for awhile but it doesn't hurt to confirm right intentions) as is afternoon talk radio.  I'm afraid ET and TMZ are going to have to go, as well. 

2.  I'm going to have more patience with my kids and meet them where they are.  I think the biggest mistake parents make is to try and mold their children into a being that will not be wounded by the world.  I talked a lot this week about "mental toughness" with my kids.  I don't think it worked and I think they are probably a lot tougher than I know...and if not, stay open and be tough in that way.

3.  Weirdly enough, I'm going to try and eat less sugar.  I think it might be poisoning me.

4.  I need to relax about time......and most things, really.  One of my favorite students told me I was really uptight for a Hippie.  True.  Really true.

5.  I gave a little talk on gratitude.  Each day I'm going to start with a meditation on the things I'm grateful for......got to keep that glass half full.

6.  Meditate more, read more, more yoga....stay balanced as the center continues to look, alarmingly, like it will not hold.

Have a blessed year, all of you and I will see you on the slopes:)

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  1. I am grateful for you, my friend. You are kind of uptight for a hippie chick and that's okay. I'd say I'll see you on the slopes, but I'm a cross country skier only so I'm not in any rush to go anywhere.
    Happy New Year!