Monday, July 27, 2009

55 Dollar Sock

I think all crafters have one item that they overstock, hoard, or just generally can't get enough would think this would be an item that is integral to one's main artistic endeavor. In my case, the two things do not go hand in hand. As I am writing this, I am making a mental note of the things I create the most: cards, altered albums, clothes for my children, and jewelry. What do I have the most of? Yarn. Everywhere. Now, I consider myself a big knitter but really I just have many projects that are on the needles in various stages of completion. So, you can add yarn bags and baskets with half-finished projects to my list of items that keep my craft room looking well-loved but chaotic. My favorite item is one sock. It is so beautiful and the yarn was 20.00 and I believe the class to learn to knit socks was 45.00 so this is a 55.00 sock. Now, the problem is the class only lasted for one sock and the wonderful teacher periodically went off the reservation when it came to following the written pattern. She usually said something like this, "this is an OK way to do it but we are going to do it this way...more complicated but much nicer in the end." I tried to write down her instructions, but I was madly knitting to try and stay up with her innovations. That all adds up to one sock. A sock I love dearly.

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  1. Look on the bright side: you'll never be missing its mate! Sorry, couldn't resist. That sock will get its mate someday, I'm sure of it. Whether they're from the same dye lot or not remains to be seen. . .