Sunday, July 26, 2009

Symbol for Everything

So this is how it goes...every single time. Two weeks before an event, you feel lucky, perhaps even smug that you have reams of paper to choose from, approximately 75 stamp sets, and new pigment colored ink that should glow in a luminous way on the paper. Yes, you are going to make a card for that special someone and are they not so very lucky? One week before the event you are in no hurry, it is better not to rush the creative process and there are so very many options to convey the depth of your feelings and to match the symbols on your card to the core of their personality. The day before the big event, it is probably time to start narrowing down some of the possibilites.
The morning of the event, when you have to drive about an hour to the event, and the kids have decided to go outside and play in the rain and this means a change of clothes for all and your husband is asking if you have masking tape which has nothing to do with anything, you realize....I DIDN"T MAKE THE CARD. Still, you have M's voice in your head which will not allow you to buy a card ever again so what options do you have?
The card design that symbolizes everything that you can make in two minutes. Birthday? Dove represents our hopes and dreams for you for the upcoming year. Thank you? Dove represents how much lighter I feel with your gifts and your help. Our thoughts are with you? You bet they are.
So, some reading this will have received this card this very intentions for you were much grander but you really did get the best I had in the moment...and we had a great time in the big city.


  1. The picture inside is priceless! and I still forgot to give you the buddah!