Wednesday, December 9, 2009


So it is hitting all of us that I am having heart surgery next week. I have decided to stop calling it a procedure because I am going to be under anesthesia and because I am staying in the hospital overnight. Last night I spoke with my daughter, after I received an email from her teacher telling me that she was having a tough time in school, and realized that she is worried sick that I am going to die. I gave her a peace journal that I had serendipitously ordered from this company (check them out, your support translates into good stuff) and told her to draw in it when she felt overwhelmed. I gave one to my son but he is channeling his anxiety into making a paper crossbow.
Today we had a glorious snow day and spent the day together putting up Christmas decorations and just being with one another. There is much that I could have focused on and tried to get done. After my surgery, I can't lift anything over 20 lbs for 6 weeks and so I could have spent the day moving heavy objects:)
Instead, I made these for gifts for my children's aftercare staff. My son loves root beer and I saved the 4 pack that houses the old-fashioned bottles. Trader Joe's has delicious treats this time of year, and so I picked up chocolate-covered shortbread, and a variety of chocolates. I covered the boxes with Christmas paper, and of course purple and yellow pom-poms. I put the chocolate in small plastic confectioner's bags and now...well, I'm feeling mighty proud of myself.
Here is the thing when you are counting down: savor every moment of ordinary bliss that comes your way. No need for grand schemes or plans or elaborate to do lists. Making something for the people who love and care for children will do just fine.
A special thanks to all my wonderful, compassionate friends and family who are counting down with me. I have never felt alone in this for one second. That is the definition of being blessed.


  1. I never thought I'd see the word "glorious" paired with the phrase "snow day!"

  2. I'm jealous of your snowday and of your after care workers who get these beautiful gifts. They really look like a labor of love.