Thursday, April 14, 2011

Cold Harbor Trail lessons

A runner could get excited when they see a trail with this title.  One could envision the sound of the waves and the briny air pushing one on to greater distances.  Lesson One:  if you are running in the central part of any state, any trail name with the word "harbor" in it is apt to lead you down a false path.  Lesson Two:  if you stop paying attention to the roots that are lying in wait for you to ponder if there ever was a harbor of any sort anywhere near here, you will fall and have some new things to ponder, like can I run with a sprained ankle?

Lesson Three:  If you stop perseverating on the harbor business, you will begin to notice the beauty that can be found on an early spring day in New England, when the ground is still saturated from snow melt, the tree buds are contemplating busting loose, and the daffodils already said "what the hell".

Lesson Four:  Running can be a form of praying.  Today, my run guided me into thinking less about my time, and more about the day that was enveloping me; less about my creaking knees, and more about the creaking birds; less about me and more about the universe.  Amen, and blessed be