Saturday, April 9, 2011

Weak in Review

Notice my calm visage.  It is all smoke and mirrors, brought on by a quick run that felt spring-like but not so spring like that you still don't need a hat and gloves.  I am blogging less, running less, creating less because I am working more.  The irony is that I am working more for problems that might happen in the future, thus very effectively pulling me out of my present life.  Something has got to shift.

So here is my week in review, just for giggles:
 Monday:  Job interview in town about 30 minutes from here.  With my aforementioned need to shift, thinking it is a good idea to pursue one job instead of 4 part-time gigs.  Spend 15 minutes scrubbing out the ketchup? stain on my one suit.  Spend 15 minutes looking for one heel.  Spend 15 minutes figuring out what to do with my hair.  Spend 15 minutes looking for appropriate shirt to wear under suit.  Realize that I no longer have fluidity when I have to wear anything other than cords and boots.  Exhausted before interview starts.  The interview itself consists of 6 people peppering me with questions for exactly 20 minutes.  How did I do?  I believe I am as rusty at interviewing as I am at getting dressed for the interview.  Also, I have reached the age of a bit of arrogance and inadvertently laughed at one of the younger person's questions. (it was a bit silly).  She did not appear to be amused.  Roving reporter sent me this link to cheer me up:    It did and it will you too. 

Tuesday:  Worked two jobs to make up for taking the interview on Monday.  Met an 87 year old with terminal cancer.  Helped put some things in perspective.

Wednesday:  Rushed to drop off camp forms that are due today for camps that start in July.  Realize that organized people, although sometimes less fun, have an evolutionary step up on the rest of us.  Rush back home to pick up my son for karate.  Husband calls to let me know he has heard from son's teacher and son was inadvertently exposed to pornography at school.  Really?  Son gets in car and we have a talk about pornography, sex, cultural mores, mating, the beauty of the human body, the F-word, spiritual connection to love-making, and mortality.  Did the talk go well?  About as well as the interview.

Thursday:  Long day at the middle school where I work.  Some people got hurt, futures changed in under a minute.  This all went down on a day I wasn't in the building.  I feel like a Picasso painting, fragmented and not put back together in a coherent fashion.

Friday:  Decide that I am not leaving my current job which is probably brought on by my not hearing from the place I interviewed with, how lucky our thoughts match:)  Rush home from work to fix dinner at 4:30, pick kids up from field trip and get them dressed and ready for literacy night.  Daughter is crying because she is a reader and is very anxious.  Son helps situation by stating "what you're feeling now is why I would never do this in a million years".  Daughter faces her fear and gives a great reading.  While relaxing with 300 other parents in the cafeteria, roving reporter reminds me that I have 20 minutes to get across town and pick up daughter's lacrosse uniform from the trunk of a car.  She takes daughter, husband takes son, and I get uniform.

We are all charging through life at this pace, I get that.  I say yes to everything and then spend a lot of time trying to manage it all.  My friends are great at helping me thread the loose ends back into the tapestry but they have their own gigs.  So, next year one sport per kid, no coaching, and one or two less jobs.  There is strength in doing less but doing it more mindfully.

Have a peaceful week-end!


  1. I am exhausted just reading this.

  2. I am going to get you to reread this blog next year when you are asked to coach again!

  3. I would greatly appreciate that:)