Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Cliff, We hardly knew ye.....

And, in fact, I don't know you at all in the tangible world.  But here is today's lesson about blogging and the internet...it follows the second noble truth which reads "the origin of suffering is attachment."  I got attached to your voice and to your blog. 

When I first started reading blogs, it was a cacophony of metaphors, language, and stories.  My head hurt.  Then I learned I could plug in key words like "Buddhism" or "Buddhist social work crafters" or any number of permutations.  My head still hurt, although in a more specific way.  Then, I stopped trying to find anything of significance.  That's when I found Cliff's blog.....the last entries chronicling his journey from the couch to the Paris marathon.  A journey that did have significance to me.

Here is the thing that I didn't realize until Cliff took his blog into semi-retirement.  In the world of blogging, bloggers get tired or move onto the next creative endeavor.....get attached and be reminded of the second noble truth.  As I have been doing the goodbye thing this week, I will add "This is This" to my list:  what the hell, when it rains it pours:)

Best of luck to you Cliff....your words were a joy to read.

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