Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Within a certain context.....

As luck would have it, most of my friends are on vacation this week.  All at the same time.  They are in Maine, New York, the Cape, New Mexico, Texas, Florida, New Hampshire and even Massachusetts.  As a courtesy, I do not call or text my friends when they are off the grid....even if I have big news.  Which I do  not, I don't even have medium news.  Still, today I couldn't put my finger on what I was feeling until I realized it was lonliness.

I don't tweet or do facebook because once I go down a social media path, I get lost in the brambles.  I have had to change my texting plan, twice.  My husband, who will not answer the phone or a text asked me what I was texting on average of 15 times a day:

Here are some recent examples:

headed out for clambake and lobsters, the thing New Englanders do to make up for blizzards....

Done with stress test, they made me stop when I started hyperventilating.....I think I was hyperventilating because I was arguing with technician about stopping....they seem a little juiced about people passing out, if you ask me.

Thank you for warrior beta...feeling strong although difficult to text because I need bifocal contacts:)
Safe journey to you guys

You can't teach someone to be Zen, especially if you are a fake buddhist......

What is texting, really?  I think it is a place we get to distill our philosophy of life and wish each other luck or condolences, and say "we are in this thing together".  It is also an easy way to orient oneself.  I am here, where are you?  This may be yet another relational thing, the latest Nielson figures point out that women text more than men.  A friend of mine who is still in the dating arena says that texting has become an art form if you want a follow up date.  Clever, but not sarcastic; supportive but not cloying; and interested but not desperate. 

Typical text to my husband, which I think captures all of the above:
At Ready Med, per doc's orders, 2 hour wait.....where are you, exactly?

So come on back you guys.  If I don't get to text you, I have to analyze my texting patterns and figure out the meta-meaning of texting.....lonely work:)

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  1. you can call or text me anytime - even if I'm on vacation!