Sunday, June 10, 2012

Hanging with my Gnomies, no more

Dear Gnome Thief:

Our family is wondering about you.....are you part of a gnome-stealing gang that wanders the suburbs, waiting in the hedges until the lights dim?  Are you cash poor and spiriting our gnome family off to the Swiss Alps for some quick cash?  Or, as I suspect, were you walking down the streets at midnight, and became enchanted by the moonlight as it glistened off the perky red hats of our guardians.

Imagine our surprise as we walked down the drive to get the paper and realized that our entire gnome legacy had been lifted.  Four gnomes travelling on without us.  We do appreciate that you left the mushroom and the gnome riding the turtle but make no mistake, that will not cancel out your bad karma. 

Collecting gnomes is an endeavor for the pure of heart and to start your collection off with stolen property will not end well.  Gnomes know what gnomes know. 

So I say this to you my fellow gnome Covet-er:  tread carefully down the road with a stolen gnome as your companion, it is a tricky business you have started.

And to our stolen gnomes, we imagine you will find your way home.

Peace to all who walk righteously:)

Gnomeless In The 'Burbs


  1. Makes me sad just to think about it. Are the gnomes at the picnic table gone too?

  2. no, they escaped because they were hidden by overgrown vines and shrubbery:)