Monday, June 18, 2012

Let's go Hydra!

This is our local semi-semi pro team--the Worcester Hydra.  We are proud season ticket holders.  The season tickets were dropped off at our house by one of the players which gave me quite a start and then oddly touched my heart.  Which is what a semi-semi team does. 

Notable Season Events, to date:

1.  One of our friends being named "fan of the week" after chanting "Let's go Hydra" for a solid hour, non-stop.  He received an autographed picture of the team and immediately told his parents they needed to alert the relatives in Ireland about his honorific.

2.  Watching a player get injured and realizing it was taking awhile to get a medic.  Watching the player's mom and girlfriend clutch at the fence as a lawn maintenance vehicle lurched him off the field. (he was OK).  Then, before we had time to recover from that event, watching a young fan projectile vomit in front of us.  All boys assured us it was OK because the vomit was bright orange, hydra colors.

3.  Seeing the passion of young players striving to do their best in front of a crowd of only 150.

4.  Striking up a conversation with the British gent in our "season ticket" section, wondering if he spent his youth watching English Premier League games.  God Bless Him for hanging with the Hydra.

5.  Spending more on scarves than on our season tickets.

6.  Having a family of four behave so obnoxiously that we had a beautiful example for our children of how to not be fans.  Coaching U12 soccer does not give you such soccer wisdom that you can yell at the ref, goalie, and the defenders with BAD ADVICE throughout the game.  Also, we did not need the history of every horror movie your family has seen since 1990.  Brutal, just brutal.

So, we are hooked.  Down home fun and close by.  Some games are exciting, some are not so much but it is still the beautiful game, played by folks who are trying to make a go of it.  If you are close to Worcester, the next home game is next week-end.  We will see you there!

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