Thursday, June 14, 2012


My kids are out of school, I am not.  I can't drink caffeine anymore which I now realize got me through these little transitional moments.  Moments where I am corralling 200 8th grade students in their 4th run through of a graduation ceremony saying things like "Keep the faith" and "Rock on".  I live in fear of becoming the South Park Guidance Counselor.  I came a step closer today.

When do we become a parody of ourselves?  I think parenthood puts us on that path via warp speed.  Here is what I see when I look in the mirror today:  graying hair in bun; glow in the dark earrings which, although hip, were a gift; vein sticking out of neck like a rain gauge on a fence; no make-up; etc, etc.  It is the look of someone who says "rock on" when they haven't been up past 9:30 since last summer.

I am no longer the hip counselor so I have to segue into something deeper.  Maybe the wise counselor?  I brought breakfast treats into the behavioral program to say goodbye and then made them all recite a Buddhist blessing before eating. 

May you be filled with lovingkindness
May you be happy
May you be peaceful and at ease.
May you be well.

It is my wish for all my students and all of you.  Be who you are and if you can't rock on, rock down deep.

One more day and then the real fun begins:)


  1. Maybe you can have Mr. Hanky help you out like he helps out the guidance counselor on South Park. "hidey ho"

  2. John Butler thinks you don't those boys from Woburn who smoked doobies in front of us.