Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Wisdom from the Whiskey Priest

So much wisdom I could share from Friday night but I will distill it down to the key points:

1.  Free shots are never free.  I want all daughters to know this in their bones.
2.  There is a small window where you can wear a bikini in a bar and pass out free shots.  Just because you can physically, does not mean you should spiritually.  Just saying.
3.  The Whiskey Priest seems to be long on whiskey and short on priests.
4.  If you ask the hostess if they sell tshirts, you lose some street cred, immediately:)
5.  Free Mentos do not a dinner make.
6.  If you are going to be standing up at the Whiskey Priest, and then dancing to the John Butler Trio all night, please, please wear cowboy boots.....

And finally, get out, sample some music, feel the sea breeze on your face while someone is playing a didgeridoo and listen to this band.  The guys can play.

And a huge shout out to Roving Reporter, who got us there, and Maine Maverick who demonstrated the correct technique for seat pounding when the time came.  Rock on sisters!


  1. I shall rock out to JBT anytime with you!

  2. When somebody yells, "Banjo! Banjo!" that means they probably don't get out much