Saturday, August 27, 2011

Back from one of the B Islands

We just got back from beautiful Bermuda.  We had a most fabulous time!  Unfortunately, I inadvertently told some family and friends we were going to the Bahamas and what with all the hurricane activity....well, folks were glad we made it back.

This was our first time on a cruise and for a multi-generational family vacation, it has many advantages.  First of all, you get to be on the ocean for several days.  There is something very expansive about looking out and seeing water and the horizon every way you orient yourself.  The bear and I had to take motion sickness pills even on the calmest days but they worked beautifully.  Then there is the cornucopia of food:  fresh seafood, Indian, chilled soups, and a mango lime souffle, just to name a few of my favorites.  Each evening, we went to the Stardust theatre and watched a song and dance show.  Who knew you could feel nostalgia for hits from the seventies?

Bermuda is beautiful and surreal.  You can't drive a car there or own a home so it has a very insulated feel.  Bermudians seem to be very proud of their island and their way of life and can talk at length about the complicated water system that every house uses (special roof that collects rainwater that goes to a holding tank in the basement).  See?  It can be described quite simply but I didn't want to appear rude. 

Highlights of the time on the island were snorkling, swimming in the cove pictured above and a sunset Catamaran sail with my sweetie.  The last picture depicts the Norweigian Dawn and Enchantment of the Seas docked at night.  I was swizzled by that time so the picture may be a bit blurry:)

Best of all, I was off the grid for a week (sorry to those who thought we were in Nicaragua or drowned)....unplug, it does wonders.


  1. I'm so glad you loved Bermuda. It is definitely one of my favorite places and one of the most beautiful on earth.

  2. The first photo is a very interesting piece of journalism.

  3. You have some very cool "word verification" words.