Sunday, January 1, 2012

Happy New Year

We rang in the New Year with good friends, good food, and some fierce dancing!  Do you think you can dance?  Hang out with a hip-hopping 9 year old, a friend with a Jazz background, and a dude with a Dean Martin hat.  You will be disabused of your notion:)

This is the post where I get to wax poetic about the gifts of the year.  I love this part of the holiday, although another friend pointed out, rightly so, that this time of year is really about the death of the old year.  Reverend Judith with her Buddhist perspective, wished us all "Happy Continuation Day" and I like the flow of that. 

I'm thankful this year, in no particular order for the following:

1.  My bodhisattvas, the people on my path who are teaching me....that is all of you so a big shout out for that.  My daughter teaching me love, my son teaching me compassion, my husband teaching me trust, my friends teaching me faith and joy. 
2.  My job-- a difficult one but a raft in turbulent economic waters.
3.  Adventures--Bermuda, skiing, Harvard Square, Brimfield, the Warrior Dash,  and the Cape.  Most within 50 miles of here.  Go figure.
4.  My docs--they continue to work to contain my fear and my occasional irregular heartbeats.  Go team.
5.  My elders--they are "wicked pissah". 
6.  My Community-- I complain a bit about the suburban life but I've got neighbors who are getting my son on the bus, carpooling with me to dance, and preparing for ski season together.  I found a village and I'm grateful as hell.
7.  Yoga-my friend Rolf told me years and years ago that I was going to need yoga more than I was going to need any other physical activity.  His words have proven to be prophetic.  With my racing heart, arthritic knee, and herniated disc (I don't look that great on paper anymore), yoga keeps me going.
8. Church--  I need to sing, pray, meditate, teach, laugh, and cry.  That all happens every Sunday.  Amen
9.  The Things I made this year--not enough of them, and some even had upside down snowmen in the end but every minute I spent making something by hand was a gift I gave myself.  More next year, I promise myself.
10.  My Clients--I don't blog about 'em but I am immensely grateful for the amazing stories I am privileged to bear witness to and is an honor.

So seize this year and embrace it.  I love you all!  


  1. I just got my month and a half fix of your wisdom words, thanks... it's nice to catch-up, I'm only sorry that our communication is so one sided. May we be happy, healthy and free of suffering, unless of course, that's what we need.


  2. You made me cry. I guess that's the sign of a good blog, right?