Monday, January 2, 2012

One last day

Today is the last day of a week long vacation.  What did I not get to?  Oh yeah, getting my oil changed, renewing my expired driver's license, and putting away the holiday decorations.  Of course, I can't really do those things on the very last day of vacation, that would be unvacation-like. 

What I need to do today, what we all need to do on our last day of vacation is figure out the last lego piece to the holiday sculpture.  What magical winter experience eluded me?  Besides anything having to do with snow in the becalmed Northeast.  Although we did ski, hike, climb, and run.  We also partied, laughed, read, ate, played games, and enjoyed each other.  I got it.  Today should just be more of the same.

Enjoy each other and the gifts of vacation for one more day.  The oil and the laundry can wait.

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