Sunday, January 29, 2012

Week-end Review

We survived the Museum of Science with five 11 year olds and in fact, I think we even flourished.  The Pompeii exhibit was heartbreaking:

And this beautiful statue did not prepare me for my daughter slipping into the exhibit to see a video which included the tail end of a live birth.  "Gross." said my daughter.  "It is what it is." said me.

Hard to say, except this was my husband's favorite exhibit.


Church today featured a lay lead sermon on the growing gap between the wealthiest and the poorest people in this country.  The statistics are staggering and I"m grateful to the Occupiers that we are now having this discussion in our churches and schools and hopefully in our boardrooms.  I'm also enjoying Arguably, Essays by Christopher Hitchens a transplanted British columnist who wrote about the parts of this country, that I for one, need reminding the fact that we execute prisoners under the age of 18.  Did you know that?  The United States stands alone as the country with the most juveniles awaiting execution.  Where is all the outrage?  I wrote a little entry about the things I miss as a younger person and I want to add "outrage" to the list.  I know it takes a lot of energy and we are busy raising kids and trying to batten down the hatches during this economic hurricane but we can't let go of being outraged.  Our kids need to see that outrage is justified when compassion has fled the scene. 

What does it mean, indeed.

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