Friday, January 6, 2012


WCE accepted a job today....about 15 minutes from the house.  I know he is saddened by the dissolution of the dream team but I have faith that they may come together again someday.  The process was a harrowing one which included my heart getting all fired up, literally; the kids asking if we could afford Christmas this year; and picking through our values with a nit comb.

I'm also grateful for the partner that I ended up with....even though I didn't include him in the favorite pics of the year, he has such integrity and compassion and all good things that I sometimes can't believe our luck in finding each other.  It is when things go off the rail that he becomes most steadfast.  I just get kinda loud:)

Congratulations Sweetie!  They, and us. are lucky to have you!

And by the way, thanks to all my friends and family for lending an ear, giving us such generous Christmas gifts, and talking this thing through.  I must have rocked in my past lives:)

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