Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Brown Bread in a Can?

One of the great joys of having out of town visitors is the fresh perspective they bring to your everyday experiences. Our buddies from New Mexico joined us at the beginning of the summer and they wanted to see our local lake...hmmmm, that's right, we have a local lake and it is 20 minutes from our house. They also wanted to know what shape the boats were in that sit in our back driveway.....hmmmmm, that's right, we have a couple of kayaks that sit in our back driveway. We had a great day kayaking on this lake (despite my little ones pleas that she was going to drown because she was on a boat with me and not her dad.) We have since gone to that lake every other week, thank you New Mexico. It figures that desert folks would lead the way:)

When H returned to New Mexico, she offered me a trade: Could I pick up some brown bread in a can for her dad? Her dad had fond memories of this delicacy. In exchange, I would get precious green chilies from her neck of the woods. Needless to say, I jumped at the opportunity. I can't tell you who got the better deal because, as of this writing, I am still too chicken to pop the bread out of the can and try it. I love living in New England, but your food choices are bold!

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