Thursday, August 13, 2009

Wide, Wide World

This blogging world can pull you right out of your present life and into a world teeming with other people's thoughts, feelings, projects, and ideas. On the surface, that seems like a good thing but I am experiencing vertigo. Here is a small example: M emails me this site about midlife and authenticity. Scroll down and watch the video on the wedding dance. That video reminds me that I need to check this site She has the brilliant idea to write a thank you card to someone each day and I stop blogging to make a list of whom I would write to and what I would say. That lasts for a few minutes and I realize that I am experiencing gratitude to my spiritual teachers. I better go check this site to see what the latest is in Buddhist happenings. Of course, this guy wrote a book called Saltwater Buddha: A sufer's quest to find Zen and I need to buy it, immediately. Is that what the buddhist sites are going for? Hard to say:) Finally, on the sidebar on his blog is this blog I dare you not to take a look. While all this blog reading is happening, the kids are engaged in a complicated role play in the other room of the Harry Potter variety. They have gotten used to my nightly ritual and don't ask me to join. So the wide, wide world of blogging has swept me out of the intimate world of my family. Here is my thank you card for today:

Dear Children: Thank you, yet again, for reminding me that it is not the exotic ideas of other people that matter but the learning we are engaged in together in this moment. Let's get to it.


  1. hey, is that pocket buddha bringing you any peace? We have hogwarts going on here too!

  2. He is sitting on my computer, bringing me nothing but peace:)

  3. Yeah, you sure can get good and buried in the internet, losing all track of time. What a long and winding road it was that brought you to Nanny Goats in Panties - welcome to the blogosphere! And have a great weekend! (Oh, and thanks for the link - that's very nice of you!)

    - Margaret