Friday, August 21, 2009

Soccer with the Brits

Take a close look at this bunch. They look clean-cut, friendly, and enthused about teaching young kids the basics of soccer, from an English perspective. Now I don't want to over-analyze what happened on the pitch today (oh yeah, we Americans are coming right along with our soccer vocabulary) but I think there was a little retribution in New England for what 13 colonies decided to do back in the day.
Let me set the scene: 90 degrees, parent/camper soccer match, 75 campers who were told if the parents won a single game, they would get all the party food, and 20 parents in the match of their middle-aged "I think I can still play soccer and not end up in the ER" glory. To boot, we had to let the kids, in theory, I am all for this self-esteem building model but to have your 6 year old talk smack to you all afternoon about "being too old to beat a bunch of 6 year olds"? Score one for the British coaches.

The action was fast and furious....hello, the coaches periodically inserted themselves onto the field of play to steal your perfect goal. What, have these guys been playing since they were in nappies? You weren't going to beat the kids, for God's sake, but scoring a goal or two makes it more realistic. Wait, your teammate just scored a goal. It is your winded sorry self that can't get the ball in the net. Score two for the British coaches.

Finally, one last opportunity for glory. The coaches have taken pity on the parents and have decided to join the field of play for the parents. Yeah! The keeper throws the ball down field....I break away with one of my new British teammates....he gets the ball and makes the perfect cross...which I boot over the goal....he smiles with great sympathy and makes the sign of having missed it by "that much". In truth, it went flying 6 feet over the top. Score three for the British coaches.

So, soccer with the Brits was humbling at best but if your kids ever get the opportunity to enroll in a playsoccer camp.., I can't say enough wonderful things about it. True, it is hard on the parents but I have never met a nicer young group of coaches. Thanks to you all for a great week. And if you think that all of us parents aren't going to train for next year, then you don't know American football. See you on the pitch:)

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