Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Skirt to wear with Red Cowboy Boots

One of the great things about the blogging world is that whatever idea one comes up with, someone else has probably done the hard work first. This artist at http://www.crafster.org/ with a tutorial entitled "Easy Peasy Tshirt to skirt" had a great idea for turning oversize tshirts into skirts. To find the tute, just search the quote...it is the second one that comes up.

I made the following modifications:

1. I cut both sleeves and sewed them to the smallest bottom piece of the shirt to make the ruffle. I also stiched the ruffle on the outside to give the skirt an industrial, punk feel.... a look you need to stay acquainted with even if you never wear it outside your home:)
2. I used the top part of the shirt for the waistband and stiched it to the main body of the skirt. I hemmed the top but wear it rolled down, as it is a bit big...my daughter has hidden my tape measure and so I decided to wing it. I think I might add a drawstring at some point.

One quick sewing project and a great way to use up some XL shirts. Do look up the original tutorial as it provides clear diagrams about each part of the skirt.