Saturday, January 30, 2010

Chicks with Sticks

I'm happy to report that I actually finished a knitting project today (see the action shot to the left). I love knitting for the following reasons:

1. My grandmother taught me to knit when I was five and then proceeded to finish every one of my projects for the next twenty years. This kinda got me in the habit of knitting up to the 75% point. I am teaching my daughter to knit on some of her old needles. I will happily finish her projects until she rebels.

2. Knitting is so old-fashioned it is now hip again. I hope to also become hip again, maybe by guerrilla knitting. These are the folks who go out in the community and knit wild accessories for parking meters. No reason but the reason.

3. Knitting is subversive. You create something that is all you and step outside the mass market culture. Screw you Old Navy...although I draw the line at throwing a curse toward Anthropologie. I need to steal some of their looks to create my own unique vibe.

4. You get to ask a group of women to come together and form a knitting group. You get to name it after a radical knitting book and form a community that bonds over creating. We are One Sisters!

For those of you who knit, the pattern for the gloves is as follows: Gauge--12 stitches/24 rows equals 4 inches with a 10.5 needle and garter stitch. Pattern calls for casting on 30 stitches. I used size 6 needles and a sock weight yarn, switched to stockinette and cast on 40. Knit in pattern until piece measures 8 inches. Bind off. Then sew 1 inch, leave 1 and 1/2 unsewn, then finish seam to bottom. I think this is a Lion Brand pattern.


  1. I am in love with knitting (and crochet) and I credit you with it all. A year ago I recall poo-pooing your knitting endeavors, and now here I am - a chick with some sticks! Here's to finishing a knitting project (and many more); and might I add, Anthropologie ain't got nuthin' on these fingerless gloves, sister! Gorgeous!!

  2. Is it bad that when I first saw that picture I thought you were modeling an unfinished sock? ;)
    What was that book about the Saturday Night Knitting Club or something? That's all I can think of now when I hear of a knitting group. That book ruined the whole idea for me. I've never tried knitting. I want to instantly be able to make a gorgeous sweater. Since I can't, I just don't have the patience for it. I'll just admire your creations.