Sunday, January 31, 2010

Look what a trip to Newbury Comics did......

I feel at home in most places. I have worked with gang members, drug addicts, sex offenders, and students of all ages. I have worked in clinics, psychiatric hospitals, schools, and recreational programs. I went to school in Austin, Texas and Northampton, Massachusetts. My hair has been blue, dread-locked, and shaved on one side. I feel like I have earned some street cred. Here are the ways it is oozing through my fingertips:

1. The latest singer/musician/band I have heard of is Ingrid Michaelson and that is because Michelle went to see her in concert and posted a video. The two clerks at Newbury Comics were talking about a genre of music I have never heard of...New Rave. What is that? I did listen to Slipknot today at work but on the recommendation of a student, which means I don't get full credit.

2. When my students check in with me and they have pierced something, I am more worried about infection than hipness. Ditto with the gauges in the ears and the stickpins in the eyebrows. I get it, just keep it clean:)

3. I made my son get a haircut yesterday. His father had hair down the middle of his back most of the time I have known him. I think it is a yearning for my son to have a little cowboy-energy type deal but not in a Freudian way...although everything ends up there, really so it must have to do with my dad.

4. I have not been arrested at a protest, well, ever. As soon as the kids get a bit older, I am renewing my efforts in this much is worthy of protesting!

5. I have not shopped at the Garment District for a couple of years. My favorite skirt purchased from there was a refashioned denim number with red velvet chickens. I no longer have clothing with red velvet farm animals of any sort.

6. I have not been skinny dipping, ice-climbing, or polka dancing in five years. All of which should be done on the same week-end, if you want the full experience.

OK, now I'm just depressing myself. The thing is, it is all still in there and I know that. Sometimes, parts of ourselves have to lie fallow. Maybe your heart has a little patch on it, or maybe you have to stop and listen to those parts of yourself that are softer and less rambunctious. They will demand their turn.....So, I am knitting and writing and turning inward. I am reading about karma and being broken open. And I might just listen to some New Rave.


  1. ahh, how I coveted that skirt with the red velvet chickens! I still yearn for a skirt like that. I've seen one like it before or since.

  2. So glad you can bear witness to that skirt:)