Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Good Problems to have

Just pondering what defines a "problem" and I would say the little moments in life that cause aggravation:

1.  Standing in line to vote
2.  Cartwheeling daughter who knocks off your glasses
3.  Tree house without walls...tree platform, really
4.  Thousands of leaves to rake up
5.  Student conference that did not go as expected
6.  Asked to speak your piece about a sport team that imploded.
7.  Murder mystery with no murderer
8.  Slow leaking tire on my Pilot
9.  Stiff knees
10.  Soggy banana bread.

At the end of  every day, my prayer to the universe is to keep my "problems" in perspective and to see them as the gifts they really are.  We are all healthy and happy and let's face it, my FM (faux menopause) has momentarily settled down. 



  1. My answer to soggy banana bread, melt brown sugar in butter and pour it over the whole lot. (Trick taken from, of course, a Texas Jr. League cookbook.)

    I'm using "FM" from now on!

  2. I will try that...and it is a good day when I get a Texas Jr League tip:)