Friday, November 2, 2012


Let me start this potpourri post by saying that I work in a town with a business by this name.  My 8th grade students, in hushed tones, told me that this factory specialized in sex toys and naughty items.  I believed them and conveyed this to several friends.  One looked it up and told me that in fact, Potpourri specializes in decorative household items.  This is why I truly love 8th graders. 

We had a whirlwind week-end before the hurricane when we had the distinct pleasure of working with this group:

These folks will come out to where you are and help your organization dismantle bikes which they will then ship to countries where they can be used for primary transportation.  Check them out at

A couple of week-ends ago,  we reconnected with our dear friends and snuck in some leaf jumping and apple picking (fall in New England is as good as it gets):

Then, we had to ride out a storm.  We did it in style:

And that just left the annual halloween party:

When AC Moore tells you they absolutely do not have tissue paper not believe them and do not abandon your halloweenie quest, for it is a noble, holy grail type endeavor.....Scary, no?

Dr. Who and a Carthwheeling Genie
Friends and family on the East Coast are grateful for all our blessings....we all made it through with minimal damage.  Emma did spend the bulk of the day under our new dining room table after we did a "tree falling drill".  Marry an engineer, do drills but stay safe and feel loved:)
Finally, a big shout out to Heather for sending this my way.  It is a powerful message right before elections:
Peace to you all

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