Sunday, November 25, 2012

Notes from the Pew

There are some things folks in my generation don't do enough off and I would put singing right at the top of the list.  I would also add partner dancing; the odd polka here and there probably does much to lift one's spirits.

I learned to polka in the 3rd grade and I was always partnered with Cody Love, who was the only boy in the grade who was taller than I was.  Third grade teachers have a thing for symmetry.  The thing is, I had a small crush on Cody which manifested itself in my swinging him so hard that he hit the back of the gym wall and couldn't participate in gym for two weeks.  Thus ended that budding relationship but not my love of polkas.  Oh no, not my love of polkas. 

Our Christmas pageant this year is a musical!  Complete with a rocking tune about the stable that lends itself to a samba number, which I tried to demonstrate to my daughter's class.  My daughter put her head down on the desk and refused to resurface for 10 minutes.  I have tried to tell her, repeatedly, that I will not stop dancing because it horrifies her.  We are at an impasse.  She is playing Mary this year and Luke is stepping up from being a shrub to a shepard.  The congregation will join our merrymaking and we will all sing to the heavens....Did you know, according to Margaret (our very own wisewoman) that a song becomes a prayer when you sing it three times?

At coffee hour, we started our holiday celebration by singing carols.  Choir members drifted over and did some beautiful harmonies with "Silent Night" and "Winter Wonderland.".

So, today the holy was found by singing.  We rocked it:)

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  1. My mother was a fabulous dancer. She taught all of my friends and me to do the polka at my very first boy/girl party in the 5th grade. She was quite the hit, much to my chagrin. She started a trend. We polkaed at every party that year. The moral to the story? Keep dancing, no matter what the daughter says.