Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Dear Lord

Dear Lord:

I just want to touch base about a few things. Overall, I think things are going swimmingly, which is a good time to check in...I don't want to be the type that rings you up just when things look dire. In fact, I have not been praying much lately because things have been a little hectic. Truth is, I think you reside in me and so this could be considered a state of the union to myself and to the collective energy that connects me to you and me to all the other spiritual seekers. I have learned to trust that energy and to trust my community. Thanks for that, Lord.

Keep your loving hands on President Obama. It seems like everyone is turning on him...the left thinks he is abandoning health care, the right continues to degrade him every step of the way and the truth is...he is just a guy doing the best he can at a job that is virtually impossible to do. We have a tendency to build people up and then make it a spectator sport when they fall off the podium.

I appreciate the first rate medical care I received at Mass General but I'm wondering why I have access to it and a family I work with is 75,000 dollars in debt due to their medical bills. They are hard working people and I'm wondering, Lord, if maybe you could cut through the rheoteric and help people understand this is a working class issue...not an issue of entitlement.

Lord, I need a little more patience. This week I have been riled up about daisy cookie sales, the pregnacy pact docu-drama, my middle-age, and the slide of our culture into reality TV. Yes, it is true that I watch "Jersey Shore" but after my husband pointed out that I was the market audience, as much as my nieces, I changed the channel. I don't get to watch from an exalted therapeutic stance although I would love access to the producers. How about a reality show with TV producers where the audience can question them on the morality of pulling a group of young people from their supports, filling them with booze, and throwing them in a hottub?

I'm throwing out a prayer for some young children who lost their parents this week. May we throw our arms around them and provide as much love as they can take in during such a devastating time.

Thanks for the run in the snow, Twilight Scene-It, and the laughter of my kids. I know we were hanging out together today.

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