Thursday, October 8, 2009

Felted Pumpkin

It's funny the difference between an idea, the initial realization of that idea, and then the meanderings. When you start a blog, you realize very quickly that you have to "drill down" as my Texan dad would say and decide what is the general theme of one's wisdom. I love a lot of things. You would think this would make blogging natural and easy but in fact, I really have not found my audience (thank you my five followers, you are exempt from this, of course). One of the things I love the most is my work. Of course, when you are a clinician, you really can't talk specifically about who you are working with and you should be very careful when you write anything at all about what you are doing. It breaks a sacred trust. Note to Dr. Drew...putting addicts on television does not help them get better. It exposes them to a million people when they are most vulnerable. How about a reality TV show about therapists who have lost track of their ethics?

I love art and making things and I originally thought that is what I would blog about the most. To date, I have posted one project and even then I linked to someone else's instructions. It takes some time and love of detail to tell people how to make things. I am most blessed by all of you who take that time but I don't seem to be doing it. Take my little felt pumpkin up there...I can't remember where I found the instructions for that or I would give her/him full credit. My instructions are pretty simple:

1. Take a block of Styrofoam as your felting surface.

2. Go to a local craft fair and pick up beautiful wool roving from an Alpaca farmer. You need orange and green for the pumpkin.

3. Use a multi-needle felting needle. Take a piece of wool roving 6X2 inches and roll it up into a ball. Begin poking the living daylights out of it. Watch out for your fingers. As you begin to shape it, use the felting needles to make the shape of a pumpkin. When you have the shape you like, take a little strand of roving and felt it to the outside for the ridges of the pumpkin.

4. Take a small piece of green roving and roll it into a small stem. Felt it with the needles until it is dense. Then, felt it onto the pumpkin.

I know these instructions are for folks who have dry felted before. If you haven't, there are fabulous videos on Youtube....just type in Dry felting.

My point is, this isn't a crafting blog, even though I wanted it to be. This is more of a blog about my meanderings...spiritual, political, and most of all with my family. We follow each other around as we wander off the path and find such treasures.


  1. And most of all this blog is for you--getting it down, working it through, and keeping it real!

  2. who wants another crafter blog? I wouldn't read it even if you are a dear friend. I am still waiting for my pumpkin though ;)

  3. T- you are at the top of the pumpkin list:)